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Pt/Mobile: (00351) 927645132

Do I have to pre-pay online or can I pay the driver?

You can pay the driver in euros once you arrive.

What happens when I make a reservation?

Once you complete your booking, the details are sent electronically, we'll make the appropriate arrangements according to the information input on the booking. You'll receive a confirmation voucher in your email, print it and deliver it to the driver at the airport. We cannot be held responsible for errors in service due to incorrect information provided at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to check the details of your booking on the voucher prior to travel and inform us as soon as possible if there are any errors.

What does the price include?

A single price will include a one-way journey for the route booked. A return price includes both the arrival and departure journeys for the route booked. Child seats and bousters are included if children/infants are specified in your booking.

Do infants count?

Infants (0-2 yrs) and children (3-16 yrs) count in all vehicles as they take up a seat. In all destinations we are able to request infant and/or booster seats free of charge. Please requested at the time of booking. However, it is the parents responsibility to have their child use these seats.

Will anyone else be travelling in the transfer vehicle I book?

All our transfers are private transfer bookings and you and your group will be the sole occupants of the vehicle.

Does the transfer vehicle stop on the way?

No, all transfers are direct from door to door. Your Taxi/Minibus driver will only stop in case of emergency or in case you need to use roadside services.

Are all fares fully inclusive or will I be asked for extra money by my driver?

If you have paid online or choose to pay the driver your fare will be the same as the one you have on your voucher .There is no extra charges.

What happens when we arrive at Faro Airport?

Once you have collected your baggage, and exit into the Arrivals Area, you will see our airport representative standing by at the Arrival area. He/She will have a signboard with your name on it. They will help you with your bags to the transport, and take you to your destination.

If you are struggling to find our rep, please call one of the telephone numbers provided on your email confirmation. Please turn your mobile phone on as soon as you exit the aircraft, as we may be trying to contact you regarding your transfer. We will not be held responsible for missed transfers when we cannot reach the client with the contact information provided by the client.

And on departure?

You must calculate an approximate collection time for your departure.

Calculate 2 hours prior to your flight to allow for any check in procedure.

If you have a change of plans ,you should call the supplier within office hours at least 24-48 hours prior to departure to reconfirm your actual pick- up time.

The supplier reserves the right to alter pick up times according to local needs. The supplier cannot be held responsible for missed pickups due to clients not travelling with their booking voucher which contains the relevant information to enable you to call to reconfirm your booking.

What if my flight is delayed?

We monitor flight arrival times and will arrange your transport to collect you at the new arrival time.

We will wait approx 1 hour after your landing time in Faro Airport. Should there be a problem with luggage, provided you advise us by sending 1 member of your party to find us in arrivals we will be happy to wait for you until the problem is resolved. If you are travelling alone please advise by calling the number provided on your paperwork.

Licenses and Insurance?

Our company is authorised by the portuguese government and legally registered with full comprehensive insurance cover.